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Video Games: The Legend of Kyrandia: Book One

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Release date (in the United States): August 1992

Platform: PC – DOS

Wikipedia Entry

In the fantasy kingdom of Kyrandia, King William and his wife, Queen Catherine, have been murdered by the evil court jester Malcolm, a madman who possesses vast magical powers. Brandon, the prince, has been hidden in the forest by Kallak, a counselor of the King, who raises him as his grandson. Malcolm has fun destroying the forest of the country, and meets Kallak, turning him into stone. Brandon, oblivious of his past, soon discovers the truth about his origins. He finds out that Malcolm has stolen the Kyragem, a mystic stone that contains the kingdom’s energy. Brandon has to recover the Kyragem and defeat Malcolm.

After many adventures, also including the obtaining of an important and the king’s chalice along the way (not to mention learning four different magical spells), Brandon is able to reach the king’s castle, which Malcolm now occupies. Here he finds most of his former friends and allies from earlier in the game here, too, turned to stone by Malcolm as well as a magical scepter and king’s crown. Putting these together he unlocks the way to Malcolm’s personal chamber, where the Kyragem lies. He defeats Malcolm personally but only escapes momentarily before Malcolm returns for revenge. After becoming invisible (one of his magic powers) he walks up to a giant mirror, where Malcolm uses magic, appearing to throw a fireball, which bounces off the mirror, turning Malcolm to stone. In the ending cutscene Brandon becomes king, his friends are freed, and the Kyragem is returned to its proper place.

Clips from the Game

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3 responses to “Video Games: The Legend of Kyrandia: Book One

  1. Rich Powell March 29, 2011 at 7:26 pm

    I can’t tell you how jealous we folks at Sierra On-Line were when this came out. The graphics were really stunning as were the special effects, animation and gameplay. It was such a bear to produce good graohics back then, it’s almost hard to fathom how hard it was in these days of photoshop. This game was really lovely and fun to play!

    • DryvBy July 16, 2011 at 4:01 am

      This series, as well as King’s Quest, Dark Seed, Sanitarium, and the several LucasArts adventure games, are the reasons I first grew interested in video games. I wish more retro DOS-looking adventure games would come out these days.

  2. blogdagame October 6, 2011 at 3:29 pm

    This is one of the games that got me hooked as well. I will have to try out Dark Seed and Sanitarium because I have never played those before. Westwood Studios/Sierra all the way.

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