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TV Themes: The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Date Began: September 10, 1990
Date Ended: May 20, 1996
Network: NBC

Wikipedia Entry

The series was originally an NBC production in association with The Stuffed Dog Company and Quincy Jones Productions (later QDE, or Quincy Jones/David Salzman Entertainment). After the show was released to syndication in 1994, the rights reverted to Warner Bros. Television, which continues to distribute the show worldwide (although NBC Universal does own the series’ copyright). WGN America was the first cable channel to acquire the series in 1997, TBS acquired the series a year later in 1998; both channels carried the series until the fall of 2003, though TBS reacquired the series in 2007. The theme song was shown in the original TBS run, but after TBS re-acquired Fresh Prince in 2007, the opening credits were truncated and the theme song removed and replaced with the instrumental version used as the shows closing theme; these versions also re-added portions of scenes cut from the original syndicated prints for some episodes, particularly those from seasons 3-6.

The series aired on Nick at Nite from 2004 to 2009, as well as sister network (through Nickelodeon) The N (now TeenNick) with portions of scenes that were removed from other syndicated airings, with parts of scenes kept in other syndicated airings removed due to time constraints; the series was dropped from its schedule in September 2009 after Disney/ABC purchased the rights to the show. In July 2009, Disney XD acquired the rights to the series, though it was quickly moved from prime-time to late night airings, and only episodes from seasons 1-3 are aired, mainly because those episodes are more appropriate for young viewers and does not contain as much mature themes and sexual content as later episodes. But in August 2010, Disney XD stopped airing the show for unknown reasons. ABC Family acquired the series in September 2008, though airing all 148 episodes; originally airing exclusively on Saturday nights, the series was added to ABC Family’s weekday line-up in late 2009, though since March 2010, ABC Family again airs The Fresh Prince only on Saturday late nights, though the number of episodes aired or if any episode airs at all depends on the channel’s film schedule.

In the UK , the show was exclusively aired in 1991 on BBC Two up until the Summer 2004. The channel edited the episodes so that, like the pilot, the titles would come before the beginning of the episode; this was indicated by the lack of credits in the first scene. It is currently being aired on the British digital TV channel Virgin 1 after its formerly-owned channel Trouble which aired it from 1997 until the Channel closed.

In Canada, the series aired on CBC. The show previously aired on YTV and The Comedy Network. It now airs on Comedy Gold and the Crossroads Television System.

Currently, it airs in Nick@Nite Latin America since 2006.


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